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ABOUT - Dana Fares
At age 6 Dana began performing on stage, in the professional production of Wizard of Oz at the Rialto Square Theater in Chicago. Dana split her childhood between the city streets of Chicago, the foothills of Santa Fe, and beaches of San Diego. Of Italian, German, and Creole descent, Dana draws inspiration
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Introducing Dana Fares



At age 6 Dana began performing on stage, in the professional production of Wizard of Oz at the Rialto Square Theater in Chicago. Dana split her childhood between the city streets of Chicago,  the foothills of Santa Fe, and beaches of San Diego.


Of Italian, German, and Creole descent, Dana draws inspiration from the dynamics of her diverse familial cultures and strong-minded matriarchs. At an early age, her younger sister, Gina, was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. Deeply affected by the connection with her sister, Dana is fascinated by the dynamics, bonds, and intricacies of female relationships.


Dana’s feature film career began in 2004 when she was cast as the lead in the indie teen-thriller Tied Up. Her standout performance soon led to other indie feature opportunities and eventually landed her the lead role in the A&E Pilot True Tales, Directed by Nick Copus in 2009. Along the way, Dana also began developing her own creative content. In 2010 she produced and starred in the Beauty TV original web series Water Signs.


A theater lover at heart, she graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2014. There she studied classical theater, theater performance, and directing with some of Chicago and New York’s theater elite; including the legendary Sheldon Patinkin and Maggie Flanigan. Captivated by human behavior, she has also studied Social Psychology.


Now happily back in Los Angeles, Dana recently founded Birdy Fox Films where she continues to develop and produces original content.


Influenced by addiction and abuse in her extended family and driven by her deep commitment to social service, social change, and social justice, Dana puts her powerful public speaking skills to use as a Violence Prevention Specialist and Survivor Advocate with Peace Over Violence; a Los Angeles based organization that is dedicated to advocating for young women and men, and focused on building healthy relationships, families and communities free from oppression, abuse and interpersonal violence.


As a Violence prevention Specialist, Dana delivers presentations and leads interactive discourse at schools and with community groups on the issues of racism, oppression, intersectionality, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and relationship violence. Dana is committed to raising societal awareness about these issues as well as providing concrete tools to the youth for reducing the incidence of interpersonal violence and replacing it with healthy, productive relationships.


Dana previously served as a professional crisis counselor for five years, and was recognized by the California State Legislature for her service and commitment. 

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Balanced Living

Raised on the whole-foods, sustainable principles, natural products, and the practice of Yoga, Dana is a natural living advocate who embraces natural beauty, self-expression, and healthy living.  She is a successful yoga instructor, whose commitment to the practice and study of yoga earned her the award of “Best Yoga Instructor” by the publication, Chicago Reader.


Driven by her desire to spread the benefits of yoga Dana created an at-home program dedicated to helping others learn yoga on their own time.  She offers this program,  promotes body positivity, natural beauty and offers yoga, healthy eating and wellness tips on her signature blog  Yoga Before Coffee.


A certified sommelier, recipe creator, and an expert in food pairing, Dana’s love for food and wine is inspired by her Northern Italian and Louisiana Creole heritage. Raised on a diet of Mediterranean and vegetarian soul-food, Dana’s recipes and pairings are vibrant, creative, and whole food based. Growing up, Dana’s large family would all gather together on Friday nights to give thanks, enjoy food and drinks, and joke with each other. This instilled a strong sense of joy in sharing life experiences over food. She is known in the Mixology industry for her health-focused low-proof cocktail creations and often guest stars on podcast and sits on panels discussing the importance of offering lower alcohol options in the bar industry.

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Columbia College Chicago


Studies included: Acting (Shakespeare, Stanalovsky, Hagan, Meisner and Improv), Voice/Speech/Dialects, Stage Combat, Mask, Movement (Laban, Feldenkris, Mime, Clowning, Boal) Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, African)

Maggie Flanigan Studio



CRAIG NOEL AWARD NOMINATION for Outstanding Featured Female Performance in

Airline Highway

KENNEDY CENTER IRENE RYAN AWARD – For performances in Caucasian Chalk Circle,

House of Blue Leaves, and Dark at the Top of the Stairs

KCACTF – 2011 Semi-Finalist Region 8, 2012 Finalist Region 8

BODY OF WORK AWARD – Mira Costa Theater 2012


Dialects: British RP, New York, Brooklyn, Various Southern

Certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Instructor

Dance: Modern, Salsa, Ballet

Physical: Comedy, Improvisation, Combat, Boxing, Running, Rollerblading

California State Legislature recognized Crisis Counselor

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